- Your followers get 10% off
- You get paid out for 20% of anything they buy
- You get new clothes every month.

    Here is how it works...

    1. Apply to join the Squad

    You need to apply to join the squad. We're looking for badass babes, who like wearing their affirmations on the outside.You can take a mean selfie and have a growing following on social. Oh, and you've gotta believe in the magic of the universe ok?!
    If your application is approved, you pay $449 which covers you for 12 months.

    2. You get a unique promo code

    This promo code gives 10% off everything on the store, PLUS any time someone uses your code, we'll give you 20% of the sale in cash.
    We'll track your link and send you cash via Paypal at the end of every month. So easy!
    So get your life hustle on. Wear the gear and do what you do. Work out, drink coffee, call clients, chase kids, choose crystals, meditate, work it, share your truth. Be real and share from the heart. While you're at it, take great selfies, just like you usually do. When you post them just drop your promo code and link so your followers can get 10% off, and you get 20% of the sale.

    3. PLUS! New clothes every month!

    Every month you'll get a reminder when it's time to choose ANYTHING you want from our shop. You will pay NOTHING at checkout. Keep it for yourself, or use it as a give away in your tribe, it's totally up to you. New designs go up regularly, so there's always something new to pick from! 

    Over the year you'll get up to $750 worth of badass clothing sent out to you!

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    Questions and Answers

    Is this some kind of pyramid scheme?
    Nope, there are no levels, ranks or parties, you don't have to build people under you. We simply reward you for telling people about our products. Plus, you just get the benefit of a sweet annual deal on badass clothes. 
    How much will I make?
    That depends on you and your following, and how often you want to promote. If you're highly aligned with what Wild and Free represents then the sky is the limit!
    Here's an indication for those of you who want the numbers. Items retail from $38 - $64 on the shop. People using your code get 10% off that, then you get 20% of their sale. 
    So you've got a following of 5k people?
    If your selfie and discount code convinces just 1% of those people to buy something, you'll pocket between $423 - $571.50 depending on what they buy.
    Got more like 30k of followers?
    1% buying products means you'll get between $2538 - $3429 after a post. 
    Who runs this thing?
    Hey, I'm Meg. I'm a product developer and I run a successful international biz with my man Evan so this is not my first rodeo. I'm passionate about women living wild and free and want to share the love.
    I believe we can create a movement that spreads high vibes before it tries to sell anything. Then when it does sell it’s with so much flow and ease that you sit back and watch that money magic it’s way into your account. So this is about more than just money or clothes. It's about embodying what's going on inside you. Wearing your affirmations on the outside for the world to see.